Drone Hot Shots is a company born out of the love of building and flying helicopters and Drones, along with a passion for videography and teaching. Each highly sophisticated and robust system is carefully engineered and assembled to meet the highest standards of safety and stability that you will need for the unique images of your event. Our GPS ready aircraft have FPV (First Person View), iOSD (Intelligent On Screen Display), MGS (Mobile Ground Station). Autonomous flight plans can be mapped out for exact location shot production. In addition we can broadcast the aerial footage in "Real Time". We pride ourselves on not only being able to get "The Shot", but also being the best at what we do.

Whether you hire our fleet of copters and drones for a High Flying Aerial show, to film a special event, to capture that special shot from above, or need a science/technology program that incorporates today's real world technologies, there is one thing you can count on – "We Do It Right".

"I just viewed it and IM speechless, this is exactly what I wanted for years, IM so glad we got it, I will make a kick ass video! I will let you know when the edit is done and I splice it all together. Thank you again so much, awesome! awesome! awesome!!!!"

~Dino Petrocelli

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